SBA Harmonize is the consultancy arm of the Sustainable Business Alliance and aims to support small and medium sized enterprises navigate the complexity of sustainability management, so it can be integrated credibly and seamlessly into your everyday business.

We specialise in providing the following services:


Harmonize will help you develop and implement simple techniques that will allow you to engage with your stakeholders to identify priorities and agree goals and targets that are aligned to your business model and inspire the support of all your team.


Harmonize will help you develop and implement simple systems that will allow you to collect and monitor key data from across your business. From energy and water use, waste disposal and effluent to carbon emissions, health and safety and employee satisfaction.


Harmonize will help you work within recognised frameworks such as the SDG's and GRI, to create comprehensive sustainability and ESG reports that will satisfy the requirements of your stakeholders and credibly demonstrate your impact.


Harmonize will help you develop and implement simple processes that will enable you to generate ideas, collaborate with partners and access funding so that you can invest in exciting new solutions that will ensure your business is truly future fit.