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Sustainability Business Coaching

Provided by: Claire Simsek, Sustainability Business Coach


Empowering sustainable business success through transformative coaching.

As an experienced coach, Claire has partnered with The Sustainable Business Alliance to offer personalized 1:1 coaching that embeds impactful, value-led leadership and business practices for long-term growth and resilience. Her tailored service is designed to address your unique personal and organizational development needs.

Leveraging a systemic approach, Claire supports you to evolve your business products/services, empower your team, cultivate a sustainable culture, and infuse sustainability into your strategic roadmap, branding and/or communications. The goal is to build in continual improvement practices and innovation capabilities, enabling your business to thrive and operate in a sustainable manner for people, planet and profits.

Depending on your business needs, a range of online coaching packages are available, whether you're seeking a quick boost or a comprehensive overhaul, Claire's offerings are customized to fit your specific requirements.

Elevate your business through the power of sustainable transformation.

About Claire

Claire has 28 years industry experience, is a certified Coach with the Institute of Leadership & Management, member of the Sustainable Business Association, Organisation for Responsible Business and Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Manufacturing. An Associate Member of the Association of British Mentors, she is qualified with a Masters in Design, Strategy and Innovation management from Brunel University and prior to this, qualified as an Industrial Designer.

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From £100 / 1 hour session


From £100

1-hour coaching session

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