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Working with our pool of experts from our consultancy partners at Be.Partners and ActNow Consulting, we are able to provide speciality support on a wide range of ESG topics. We can assist in the development of strategy, action planning, reporting and implementation in areas including energy efficiency and renewables, human rights, emissions reduction, biodiversity, waste management and sustainable sourcing.

We offer comprehensive assistance in the formulation of ESG strategies, helping organizations to craft tailored plans that align with their core values and business objectives. Our strategic development process is meticulous, involving thorough research, stakeholder engagement, and alignment with global sustainability standards.

In the realm of action planning, we facilitate detailed roadmaps that outline specific steps organizations can take to meet their ESG targets. These plans include timelines, resource allocation, and clearly defined milestones to ensure measurable progress and accountability.

Our support extends to ESG reporting, where we help organizations to track their performance against set goals. This involves developing robust reporting frameworks that not only meet regulatory requirements but also communicate progress to stakeholders in a transparent and effective manner. By implementing cutting-edge data management and analysis tools, we ensure that reports are both accurate and insightful.

On implementation, we offer on-ground support to ensure that ESG initiatives are effectively integrated into daily business operations. This includes training teams, establishing new processes, and providing ongoing management support to adapt initiatives as necessary.

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