The SBA Charter

This Charter sets out the vision, purpose, mission, values of the Sustainable Business Alliance as agreed by its members.

The vision of Sustainable Business Alliance is for a world where business enables thriving communities to live in harmony with nature, where resources are conserved and the climate is protected, ensuring we are able to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of futute generations to meet their own needs.

Our purpose is to ensure that the actions of buiness do not lead to poverty, biodiversity loss, resource depletion or climate change, but instead have a net positive impact where business becomes part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Our mission is to help our members navigate the increasingly complex sustainability landscape in order to achieve impact. We do this by providing access to a wide range of specially curated tools, information, training and resources that empower businesses to do the right thing and work collaboratively to find solutions to the big challenges we all share.

Our core values are simplicity, credibility and impact.

  • We seek to demystify but not to trivialise complex information, so that persuing a sustainable path can be accessible to all businesses.
  • We resolve to ensure that the information we provide and the actions we take are credible, so that our activities have the desired impact without unintended consequences.
  • We aim to accelerate action towards our purpose by helping each other to find, develop and implement solutions to shared sustainability challenges.

We are industry led. We are led by and exist for our members. We do not prescribe or impose but we support and guide.