About us

The Sustainable Business Alliance (SBA) exists to help organisations integrate sustainability strategy into day-to-day business.

SBA was founded in 2023 by Simon Derrick. Simon has over 15 years experience working on sustainability projects in the food industry. Most recently as Global Head of Sustainability for the UK's leading fresh-cut fruit manufacturer, Simon has worked with a a wide range of organisations including Waitrose & Partners, Ahold Delhaize, UNCTAD and FCDO and picked up awards including the Queen's Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development.

Working alongside partners with expertise spanning, social, environmental, economic and governance topics, SBA provides the best training, support and tools for businesses starting out on their sustainability journeys.

With increasing pressure on businesses to meet regulatory, investor and customer requirements and a proliferation of standards, frameworks and initiative, it may seem that achieving sustainability is becoming more complex and confusing. SBA makes the road to sustainability easier by helping you focus on the areas that are most relevant and important to your business.

Our Services

  • Business Towards Sustainability Programme: A complete package offering essential training, tools, and support for sustainable business practices.
  • Workshops and Training: Tailored workshops, including ESG strategy development and carbon literacy, to foster practical sustainability skills.
  • Diagnostic and Materiality Assessments: Helping businesses identify and prioritize their sustainability goals.
  • ESG Policy and Reporting Tools: Easy-to-use templates and calculators for policy development and emissions calculation.
  • Sustainability Reporting Services: Professional services for generating comprehensive sustainability and carbon footprint reports.
  • Specialized Programmes: Programs like B Corp Cohort and Social Impact Assessments to enhance social and environmental impacts.