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Annual Sustainability Report

Provided by: Sustainable Business Alliance


Stakeholders including shareholders, financers and customers increasingly expect businesses to publish an annual ESG report to demonstrate their commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles in a transparent and structured way. Such a report serves as a communication tool with stakeholders, demonstrating how the business integrates ESG considerations into its operations, decision-making processes, and strategic goals. It can also help build trust among clients, potentially leading to enhanced reputation, market differentiation, and long-term sustainability by showcasing achievements and setting clear future targets in these critical areas.

SBA can create such a report for your business. Taking your strategy and action plans and using data collected across your organisation, we will craft a sufficiently detailed and visually stimulating report that will clearly articulate your ESG credentials in a way which meets the needs of your key stakeholders.

What's Included

  • 15 page sustainability report
  • Digital print-ready PDF file
  • Aligned to the SBA Reporting Framework
  • Benchmarked against external standards and frameworks including GRI and the SDGs
  • Overview of ESG strategy and targets
  • Pages detailing initiatives and measures taken
  • Data tables, charts and infographics to illustrate your impact and highlight progress made

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