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Diagnostic and Double Materiality Assessment

This comprehensive two-part session is aimed at guiding businesses through the process of identifying and prioritising their key Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) drivers, goals, and the barriers to achieving these goals. It begins with setting session aims and objectives, such as understanding ESG ratings, identifying risks and opportunities, and creating a stakeholder engagement plan. The workshop covers a variety of topics including ESG assessment results, current and upcoming legislation, and prioritizing ESG topics using the concept of double materiality. It also includes exercises for assessing ESG impacts on the business, stakeholder engagement strategies, and next steps for integrating findings into business strategies.

The second part focuses on analysing stakeholder survey results, conducting an impacts on the business workshop, and creating a materiality matrix to understand priorities.

Pricing Policy

We charge a fee for some of our tools and templates so that we can cover development and maintenance costs. All our tools are also available for free to SBA Members and as part of the Business Towards Sustainability Programme.

Guidance and Technical Support

If you need help using any of our tools or templates or if you encounter any problems, please get in touch at enquiries@sustainablebusinessalliance.org.uk. We will always endeavour to resolve your issue within 24 hours.

What's on offer

  • Two 1 hour workshops
  • Can be held in-person at your premises or online
  • Benchmark report on key industry priorities
  • Diagnostic assessment to identify ESG gaps
  • Evaluation of current and upcoming legislation
  • Stakeholder engagement plan
  • Online survey to determine key stakeholder priorities
  • Business Risks and Rewards assessment
  • Double Materiality report

From £500

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