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Materiality Matrix Tool

Provided by: Sustainable Business Alliance


Download our double materiality matrix tool to identify the sustainability topics that are most relevant and important to your organisation.

This tool is designed for organisations to identify and assess the significance of various environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues from both a financial impact perspective (financial materiality) and their impact on society and the environment (impact materiality). This dual approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of materiality, helping organisations prioritise ESG issues that are most significant to their business and stakeholders. The matrix facilitates strategic planning, risk management, and reporting by visualizing the relative importance of different ESG factors, promoting transparency and accountability in sustainable business practices.

If you are looking for help in calculating scores that represent how important topics are to stakeholders and their impact on your business, you can sign up for our full diagnostic and materiality assessment.

What's Included

  • Double Materiality Matrix Tool
  • Microsoft Excel based
  • Rate key ESG topics according to their impact on the business and their importance to stakeholders
  • Generates a double materiality matrix based on ratings you provide
  • Highlights the most material topics for your organisation

Pricing Policy

We charge a nominal fee for some of our tools and templates so that we can cover development and maintenance costs. All our tools are also available for free as part of the Business Towards Sustainability Programme.


Double Materiality Matrix Tool

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